My journey through Julliard by Gillian Abbott

Impact Dance Productions is proud to share a blog post by the brilliant Gillian Abbott . We have had the pleasure of watching Gillian perform and can tell you she is inspiring to say the least. Please enjoy this wonderful blog !

My journey through Juilliard by Gillian Abbott


I entered this prestigious school knowing more about it from films than reality. First semester was a dream! Living in New York City and meeting talented people from all over the world.

As the “honeymoon phase” wore off, I saw the reality of being at a conservatory and life in NY. Amongst my high moments I definitely had lows, forcing me to face challenges that shaped me. One of the biggest challenges was maintaining my confidence in an intense environment. It’s important to remember that we all have different paths and destinations. To stay focused on my own track I began to journal. This tool has helped me follow my heart- it usually knows what’s best, but you have to take time to listen.

I’ve also learned how to make things happen for myself. Some of the most fulfilling projects are student produced taken on in our “free time”. Last spring I choreographed the first musical at Juilliard, “A Little Night Music”. My friend in the drama division directed it and asked me to join her team. It was amazing to collaborate with actors, opera singers, musicians, and a composer!

Finally, in these past few months I’ve learned to cherish the present. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity and I know I will look back at these days longingly. This experience has opened me up to things I never imagined. I came into Juilliard as a dancer, but I am leaving as a blossoming artist.

Three tips for your own journey: 1) Take time to listen to your heart and follow it! 2) Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you, make them happen for yourself! 3) Stay present and be grateful for where you are. It’s all part of your story.


Gillian Abbott xo

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