Dating Dance by Sarah Dolan

With Valentines Day around the corner Impact Dance Productions and would like to share this great blog post with you written by Sarah Dolan.

Dating Dance by Sarah Dolan

Twenty two years into my committed relationship with Dance, I have realized, like many dancers do, that Dance and I have endured some interesting experiences, met some incredible individuals and continued to evolve. There have been moments when I have wanted to yell at it, tell it off, felt abandoned by it, giggled at the thought of it, been overwhelmed with it, and more recently, to reach out, embrace it and never let it go.

When we first started going steady, Dance was a pleasant physical and social activity for me, as it was for my older siblings. From learning my first plies and shuffles to my first memories onstage, the early years of the relationship flew by. Being so long ago, I am not exactly sure of the exact moment when my universe shifted to revolve around Dance, but when faced with injuries, my devotion for it grew.

I was told by the professionals (therapists, doctors, surgeons) that I needed a break, and in some cases, my career was over. Like most adolescents, I decided to rebel against their advice and predictions. Eventually, I was forced to take a break from Dance, which made me that much more sure of us and my need for its presence in my life. I craved a return into and onto every dancers’ most sacred places-the studio and stage.

I wanted  my body, my instrument, to connect and explore physically and emotionally with the music and characters again. Instead, I was trapped in a broken body and soul that I could not recognize in the mirror. Where was Dance? Was this the end of our love story?

My outside life (which I like to refer to as my “human life”) had continued to age and life’s milestone of high school graduation had come and gone. I took some space from what had been my best friend and love. I felt lost and an emptiness I had never known before, struggling to recreate myself as anything but a dancer.

When dance and I rekindled our relationship it took on a new form, beginning a new chapter of us, teaching and choreographing. Although my self practice was not our relationship’s main focus any longer, I found tremendous fulfillment sharing my love of dance with others and the knowledge my generous teachers had bestowed upon me. Our relationship has continued to evolve as I have found my true self  within it.

Although there are moments when you need to take some space from it, Dance always finds a place in your life. Even if you decide to part from it for the long term, you will find it again for a moment busting a move on the dance floor at a wedding or in the little groove you attempt to contain strolling down the side walk with your tunes blasting in your ear. No one will ever be able to take away the memories and self realizations you have shared with Dance. If Dance is the feature presentation of your life it will be a great love story.  There will be moments in which it will sweep you off your feet and moments that it will break you down. Cherish the past, present and the moments that are to come with Dance. Be honest and true to both yourself and Dance. Be thankful for its presence in your life because even though Dance may not always say it, it is grateful for your contribution and devotion to it. Thank you Dance, my Soul Mate!

By Sarah Dolan- Artistic Director of O2 The Dance Company

Sarah Dolan- Artistic Director at O2 The Dance Company

Sarah Dolan- Artistic Director at O2 The Dance Company

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