How to find inspiration while not breaking the bank…

How to find inspiration while not breaking the bank….

Any dancer can say that inspiration is key when creating movement and honing your craft.  As professional dancers and artists know some months the money is flowing and on off seasons it is not. Here are a few tips to find inspiration that will fill your soul while staying within your budget!


  •  Find an open space and grab a friend that trusts you to guide them safely. Ask them to close their eyes and Lead them through a visual dance improvisation. Lead them by naming shapes, letters, objects and emotions. slowly but surely your friend is forming a dance which will blow your mind. If not now try again later. You would be surprised what people can create just by shutting there eyes.
  • Go to ladies night no charge and let loose. Being fearless and confident in your favorite outfit can get the ideas flowing.
  • Spend the day in an art gallery! Imagery is key when expanding your imagination.
  • Listen to music you wouldn’t typically listen too .There may be beats and words in the songs that will start brewing your next creation.
  • YOUTUBE! Thank goodness for the internet! Our generation of dance artists are so fortunate that we can turn on the computer  and within  seconds  be able to watch companies dance from around the world.
  • Keep it current: Here are a few companies in which I have been inspired by – Move the company,  Marie Chouinard, Le carre des lombes, Rak Tamid, Jacoby&Pronk,Jose Navaz,lalala human steps,Batsheva dance company (More to come…).
  • Grab a piece of paper and pen. Close your eyes and start leading the pen around the page without lifting it off the page. Open your eyes and use this as a guide in formations for a dance.
  • Meditation: open your mind’s eye to new thoughts. Inspiration comes when we least expect it.

To those that enjoy my blogs let me know! If there is a specific topic you are interested in hearing about Help me help you by sharing comments. Thank you for reading


                                                                                                                                                                                              “Inspiration and genius–one and the same”

Victor Hugo

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